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ArborCAD is purpose built computer aided design (CAD) software especially for the needs of Arborists. Whether you are conducting and documenting a site survey or producing a Tree Protection Report for a Development Application, ArborCAD has the tools you need.

Based on the same CAD engine as our best-selling landscape software LANDWorksCAD, ArborCAD is simple to use and easy to learn. An online training course is available to get you up and running fast so with our help you’ll be drawing in less than an hour and you don’t need to be a computer nerd to use it.

ArborCAD allows you to automatically produce professional drawings to AS4970-2009 standards within Australia and all other standards in the rest of the world. As it is built on a general purpose CAD engine, ArborCAD can also be used for any type of drawing requirement.

Note: If you incorporate landscape design or landscape architecture into your business, you can seamlessly run LANDWorksCAD and ArborCAD at the same time.

Planning Site Survey’s

Use ArborCAD to edit architects or surveyors CAD files directly or use a scanned plan, aerial photograph or any satellite image of your site (including Google Earth, Google Maps or Near Maps) as your base plan, then scale it to size and draw accurately over it.

Import field data you have collected and let ArborCAD accurately draw every tree in the right place for you.

ArborCAD will automatically place a unique ID label on the drawing for every tree and link each tree to any fields of data that you have available.

Need to show the canopy? Enter the canopy size as a diameter or distance North, South, East and West and the software will draw that too!

Tree Assessment Drawings

At the push of a button you can generate complete schedules linking any of the identified trees with any of your related data from Botanical name, Common name, abbreviation, vigour/health, structure, dimensions, crown spread and height, age class, estimated life expectancy, heritage or cultural matters, ecological and habit matters, the location relative to existing site features, function, other features such as surface roots and retention value.

You can even colour code your drawing to make it clearer to read and easier to identify specific trees.

Arboriculture Report and Impact Assessment Drawings

Send you drawings back to planners, architects, designers and planning control authorities to allow them to comply create appropriate designs to protect the viability and sustainability of retainable trees.

From just the Stem Diameter the software will calculate and draw the Structural Root Zone (SRZ) and the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) for each tree for you, and if you would prefer to protect a group of trees all together then the system will let you do that too.

Even encroachments into the calculated TPZ are handled for you by the software. Just indicate the area of encroachment and the software will work out the percentage and adjust the radii of the TPZ for you, all within regulation.

Add tell-tale photographs you have taken on site to your drawings. They will clearly assist the clarity and understanding of your professional document.

Total Control

Whilst ArborCAD has many fully automated tasks it also provides total manual override control for every aspect of the drawing. You can adjust everything as you see fit. This means that unusual sites or difficult areas of access and even neighbouring properties are able to be accommodated with ease. It also means you can easily create your own drawing style to make your drawings unique.

Helping Your Associates

ArborCAD doesn’t just help the Arborists look and perform more professionally; it also assists those that need to work with you, from the surveyor to the planning department to the builder. For example, with ArborCAD you can even calculate and draw the position of every piece of Tree Protection Zone fencing and provide your builder with an accurate estimate of how many sections he will need to order! Now that’s nice, isn’t it?

ArborCAD has been developed in consultation with one of Australia’s leading Arboriculture experts to generate the most professional Arborists drawings of any design software in the world.

ArborCAD is scheduled for released to end-users for beta testing in July this year.

ArborCAD is very cost effective as it does not require you to purchase AutoCAD at all. The price is yet to be announced. Discounts are available to those who ‘get in early’ with the software and offer feedback to assist us in making this the best tool for Arboriculture drafting and reporting.