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How time fly’s. ArborCAD v8 is now available and it sports a brilliant range of new productivity improvements that make it 30% faster than v7 and more than 40% faster than v6. Each release introduces systems that require less clicks and less interaction to produce even better end results. V8 features include…

  • enhanced DWG file import ability to more faithfully handle the latest AutoCAD files and strip them of unwanted data.
  • improved Layout views for instant page layouts that automatically show the desired parts of the plan on the page.
  • variable PDF quality output for email or print.
  • better handling of image files so they can be rotated and scaled.
  • staggeringly rapid, new insertion method for planes so areas no longer need to be ‘closed loops’ or have boundaries touching end to end.
  • multi-stem diameter input for DBH.
  • attribute fields of the TPZ calculator can now be customised.
  • saving of trees data in the table so it can be recalled later without having to re-enter it.
  • includes limits in the TPZ calculation formula so the min. dia. is 4m and max. dia. is 30m and SRZ min. dia is 3m to meet the standards.
  • ability to calculate and insert tree canopies from North South East West values in the excel data. And make circular if only one of the NSEW values is provided.
  • update the Set Line Styles Dialog to display the selected layer names, colours, weights and styles using a preview.
  • provide an option for trees that will be Removed, to be inserted using different style sets to the trees the be Retained – retention status should be a column in the excel table. Ie Retain Tree heading with a Y or N field option. And If Blank then Y.
  • new method of inserting fencing that shows posts and an optional plane to highlight the protection area.
  • Files can now be previewed in Windows or Mac before even opening them in ArborCAD.
  • ‘Group’ entities now can be deleted along with their contents in one command.
  • ‘Find and replace’ tools allow for locating trees anywhere in the drawing based on their attributes
  • Right-click menu has many new commands and only highlights commands that can be actually be used at the time… a super fast way of using common commands.
  • New dialogs for hatching, text, and many other entities make it easier to see what you are getting and completely avoid making poor decisions with respect to size and scale.

More than 60 new improvements have been made to the product since v7 and nearly all of them result in productivity enhancements. ArborCAD was already the fastest CAD software on earth for arboriculture, now it’s even more productive.

You can check out all the features by contacting the ArborCAD team at CAD International