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(Update- This app has been removed from the iPhone app store and an alternative being sourced 17/03/2021)

Did you know that for $2.99, yes that’s correct, you can download an iPhone App that will use your phones GPS ability to quite accurately plot your trees for ArborCAD? Training For Trees Pty Ltd in Queeensland Australia have successfully trialed the App. and are now teaching their students how to apply it to ArborCAD. They will be the first in the world to do so.

Mark Brombal, a teacher at the training institute used a real world example to illustrate and test the accuracy of the software on his phone and was surprised at how good it was. When he overlaid the trees generated by ArborCAD onto a simple Google Map aerial photograph the trees lines up precisely with those in the image.

Additionally, because the application allows the user to take photo’s of each tree at that location, ArborCAD allows the user to place the photo into the drawing and reference each tree to its corresponding photograph. This ensures no ambiguity with the plan document on site. There is no question which tree is which.