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We recently received the following question: We already use Auto Cad to develop our tree protection plans, will Arbor Cad provide any distinct advantage to professional who already use CAD?

Answer. Thank you for your question Jeremy. Yes ArborCAD will give you all the usual drawing functions of traditional CAD plus it gives you a range of tools specific to the tasks of Arboriculture as follows:

  1. accurately insert large (or small) volumes of trees from field survey data into the correct locations
  2. automatically calculate and draw the Structural Root Zone (SRZ) and Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) from the same  data
  3. draw irregular canopy’s for each tree based on simple North, South, East, West dimensions
  4. calculate interference percentage of a TPZ incursion and adjust the TPZ to accommodate the value and present the user with options to show the value on the drawing
  5. automatically produce tree protection zone perimeters for groups of trees and
  6. draw and calculate perimeter fencing
  7. automatically generate quantity tables for trees in the current drawing
  8. automatically generate tree schedules based on chosen attributes

We purposely chose a powerful, easier and less expensive CAD platform to build ArborCAD on. This has the benefit to users of being easier and much faster to learn (apart from being less expensive to buy) As an existing user of a different CAD software you may take a few days to adapt to the different commands though.