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Today – 12th August 2011, CAD International, a leading developer of CAD software and CAD related services in Sydney Australia and serving the global architectural and manufacturing design markets announced the début release of Arboriculture software, ArborCAD.

ArborCAD is the first software tool of its type in the world that focus’s on the direct needs of consulting Arborists.

Arborists are called upon to detail and manage trees on both domestic, commercial and public tracts of land. They are charged with the protection of this resource and assist architects, builders and developers in minimising the negative impact of development and building activities.

This new software product delivers professional design and caculation tools into the hands of Arborists, avoiding the need to manually draw and document complex data onto reports and plans. ArborCAD does not require the complexities of traditional CAD software yet it is compatible with drawings from architects and surveyors and includes the same functionality usually designated to software like AutoCAD.

Priced at well below the cost of AutoCAD, ArborCAD has already been well received by those who volunteered to be beta testers.

“(the software) should save consulting arborsists hundreds of hours of tedious work”, Mr Nigel Varley, CEO of CAD International said today, “It will complete tasks automatically that otherwise have to be done manually and painstakingly. It will also ensure that arborists can produce professional looking drawings and reports without having to be great drafters. ArborCAD will definitely elevate their (arborists) level of professionalism.” he said.

You can find out more about this software on the CAD International web site and on the ArborCAD blog site.